Quick Usage Ideas
By Roland Mathews

Evil Hot Dog:
Spread 1/2 tspn on just cooked hot dog before adding fixings of choice.

Evil Burger:
Spread on a hamburger just before adding cheese to be melted.

Fried Egg and Evil Sandwich:
Spread on fried egg just before adding cheese and or meat.

D'Evil'D Eggs:
Add 1 tbls to 3 eggs worth of deviled egg mixture (makes 6 halves).

Evil Toast:
Mix with your favorite Bruchetta and serve on Italian toast.

Spicy Hummus:
Mix 1 tbsp with 16 oz of regular hummus for a healthy and spicy cracker spread.


About Us

EvilHot brand Habanero Hot Sauce is a thick, rich and flavorful hot sauce that adds a robust taste to your recipes without overpowering the flavor of your main ingredients. EvilHot is an all natural product; its heat comes from fresh Habanero peppers, not extracts. Made from only natural ingredients, EvilHot will enhance the flavor of your recipe while adding the level of heat that you desire.

This thick, spoonable sauce can bring new life to old recipes. For those who really want to heat things up, add it directly to your favorite sandwich, wings, ribs…ah hell, put it on everything!




December 3, 2008: Welcome to the new website, we've revamped the look and now we have 2 jar sizes, our original 4 oz. and because you demanded it, a new 7 3/4 oz size.


To find your local retailer, watch this space. If your local retailer is not carrying EvilHot, send them our way.

We are actively pursuing distribution agreements. If you want to become a retailer or a distributor, please contact us through sales@evilhot.com.

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